What's your style?

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Styles we designed are here to inspire you, incite you thinking about textures and colors, vizualizing your project. With Egger and Fundermax wood-based panels and laminates you are able to furnish your home or office in every concept – in wood  or material reproductions with highly textured or smooth surfaces, in bright colors with velvet structures, or structures enriched with delicate shine…  High quality is a pre-requisite. Use Egger application VDS online and have fun in visualizing your next project!

Modern kitchens

Egger univer MDF

Modern kitchen furnishing is achieved with calm and neutral colors. You can get natural and pleasant look with combining a white or beige pallets with wood reproductions. For example, Nebraska Oak in Natural and Grey version (H3331 ST10 and H3332 ST10) has a vintage, natural and robust look. Natural color of wood looks warm and the surface ST10 Deepskin Rough provides an authentic feel, but remains visually unobtrusive. You can easily rethink your kichen with elements in wooden decors H1401 ST 22 Cascina Pine, or with worktops H3860 ST9 Champagne Hard Maple.

Simple is impressive

The comfort of public areas

Egger’s decor F275 ST9 Dark Concrete is very neutral and authentic at the same time. The dark colour is more suitable for high-contrast combinations.

The woodgrain of the Lyon Ash with its timeless Sand Beige color adds a light naturalness. The reserved but warm color works well in modern spaces as it can be combined elegantly with grey tones as well as strong contrasts with accent colors, as it is shown here. The surface ST22 Deepskin Legno supports the linear character and provides the decor image with a natural feel.