What is ELEMENT?

To help you save time in choosing and ordering furniture, we have created ELEMENT – a catalog of standard kitchen furniture units that are modular, and adaptable to your needs.

Using standard kitchen elements from our catalog minimizes the possibility to make an error, and saves time as our far most valuable asset.

Simple selection of furniture units in desired dimensions, ensures all measures are correct. Using predefined elements enables reliability and consistency regardless of which material element is made. In that way we can shorten the time for making an offer, and craftsmen can cut down lead time, so they can provide better service for their own customers.
Significant savings of time and money are possible thanks to the faster optimization for a cultist, ordering materials, and processing. Our user-friendly catalog of standard kitchen units enables us to provide better service to the customers and clients. The usage of predefined standardized elements enables:

  • Cutting down lead time
  • Better customer service
  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Safe and fast optimization

How to use ELEMENT?

After choosing a furniture unit from ELEMENT catalog of standardized kitchen elements, one should download an order sheet from our website and fill in all required sections for that furniture unit, such as name, id number, size, etc. You can choose from the options given in the catalog.

Filled form should be sent to e-mail address element@lamex.rs. Our colleagues will promptly reply after they make an offer according to the customer’s requirements. That is why you should double-check your order and insert valid data. After you accept the offer we have sent, please send your approval. After this process is completed, we send data from your request to our constructors to adjust the predefined element to your needs. Then we send the project to the machining department.

Our clients, that are often craftspeople, get reliable service, custom-made quality products and save time, which reflects positively on their own business.

Use Element

With Element – catalog of standard kitchen units with adjustable dimensions, we save time with faster preprocessing for machining department, and reduce errors to a minimum.