Room door made in Lamex from high-quality egger logo eurolight &  materials by using high-end machining processes, available in all quantities and dimensions.

We think of doors not only as a barrier between rooms but as an important interior element. Room door preserve our privacy,  protect us from noise, keep the heat in, or cold out. Lamex door are conceived and produced to meet the modern standards of functionality, and essential design that is ideal for combination with other elements of the interior, in all concepts – modern, traditional, high-tech… We are here to produce doors for your ideal home, hotel and office spaces.


After years of continuous improvement and research, we fully developed room door line production, by using top EGGER & CLEAF materials, providing exceptional quality-price ratio. We meet and exceed our clients’ demands by engaging responsible and qualified staff, using high-end certified materials from Western European countries, and working on productive machines.

Even though industrial production of the room door implies big quantities, our concept “products on stock” makes available even minimum order quantity.

 Egger Room Door Panel

EGGER Room Door Panel is made from   Eurolight decor chipboard or from MDF HD – extruded chipboard. Eurolight is lightweight board (up to 40 mm thick), and consists of 8 mm thick MDF double-sided support plates and a cardboard honeycomb. This structure enables 28 dB  sound isolation, as well as greater resistance to physical damage. Along the vertical side of the panel, there is a 30 mm deep MDF fill. The panel is edged on all sides with 1 mm thick ABS tape in matching décor. Edging is performed with polyurethane adhesive, which provides increased mechanical, heat and humidity resistance, and at the same time allows minimally noticeable bonding line.

Cleaf room Door Panel

Room Door Panel is made from   MDF 4mm thick panels with high humidity resistance. The outer layer is decorative paper faced surface, impregnated with melamine resins, which makes it scratch-resistant and abrasion-resistant. MDF surface is with a deep CLEAF laminate structure. The casing is made with wooden slats 34mm thick, 42mm wide, while in the lockset level, it is 80mm wide. Cleaf room door core is extruded chipboard, or cardboard honeycomb 34mm thick. Cleaf door panel has ABS 1mm edging in the same decor, which provides perfect compatibility between the panel, edge, and casing. Edging is applied with polyurethane adhesives, which provides better mechanical,  heat and humidity resistance, and at the same time ensures a minimaly noticeable bonding line.

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