Aptico – Smooth and Without Fingerprints

FunderMax has developed APTICO, a new matt, smooth surface with anti-fingerprint finish. It is a surface with an irresistible look, easy to maintain and great to work with. Aptico is unique because of its finish that ensures there are no fingerprints left after the handling.

What is Aptico?

Aptico decorative laminates are duroplastic high-pressure laminates (HPL) type HGS to EN 438-3* 1mm thick. These laminates, available in standard size 2800 x 1300mm, are highly resistant to abrasion, impact, scratching and have good thermal resistance. The high-pressure decorative laminates are insensitive to standard household chemicals, are hygienic, suitable for contact with food and easy to clean.

Where to use Aptico?

 its highly durable properties make it suitable for endless applications: from furniture units for kitchens and bathrooms to retail, office, and commercial industry furniture.

Aptico panels are used in coating MDF and chipboard. That ensures a highly resistant coating with a durable laminate that has a smooth and fine structure coming in 12 colors palette. This surface is ideal for interiors designed to be at the forefront, to be modern, brave and functional, without redundant details. They are easy to fit in classical concepts, but also minimalism, where space is dominated by large sophisticated surfaces, able to make an impression with its own smoothness.

Aptico is sutable for all interior elements that should be treated with home cleaners on a regular basis. These surfaces are ideal for public areas and are being used when there are additional requests regarding resistance and estethic in modern interior design.

  • 0733 AP
  • 0080 AP Black
  • 0080 AP Black


Thanks to the next generation, patented surface technology, Aptico has a super matt finish and a beautifully smooth texture. Basic characteristics you can count on are:

  • Anti-fingerprint finish
  • Warm texture with a fine structure
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to work with

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