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Lamex Room Door – an Important Interior Element

The choice of a room door isn’t an easy task. Thanks to technology development and new ideas in the furniture industry, a variety of room door models, materials, and decors become more available than ever. Lamex room doors are modular, adjustable to your needs, with a single panel, sliding, or with glass inserts…  Decors designed as a reproduction of wood, or metal with correspondent textures, provide numerous exciting combinations in furnishing.

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Worktops – Resistance in Demanding Conditions

With the increasing popularity of the concept of open space and kitchen islands, the worktop is becoming a central element of the kitchen interior. That is why choosing a worktop is often the starting point and the most important thing in furnishing the kitchen.

egger logo eurolight worktops are 38mm thick composite elements consisting of raw Eurospan chipboard E1 (in accordance with EN 312) and decorative EGGER laminate. The underside of the worktop is fitted with back paper as standard. For moisture protection, the front area of underside is coated with UV varnish seal coat. In the case of single postformed worktops, the rear longitudinal edge is also sealed. Being such a versatile material, Egger worktops can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, offices or residential areas. What makes a worktop special?

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